miniCAM5S - Cooled CMOS Camera with Guide Port

The miniCAM5S is designed to be a high-value, multi-purpose camera supporting both deep-space and planetary imaging. The camera uses a high QE, 1.2mega pixel, 1/3inch, 1280x960 CMOS sensor. The mono version has a QE of 75% and the color version is 62%. The miniCAM5S supports 30fps high-speed output at the full 1280x960 resolution and 200fps at 320x240, making it a great planetary camera. It has an efficient two-stage TEC and temperature regulator which can cool the image sensor down to -40C below ambient, making it an ideal deep-space camera. It also has an extremely low readout noise of only 2e- .The high-speed, high-QE cooling system makes the camera ideal for both deep-space and planetary imaging, along with many other scientific applications.

The camera has an industry-standard 5-pin Guide Port (Common, RA+, RA-, DEC+, DEC-). QHYCCD is the first manufacturer using the expensive LEMO-style connector. This assures a solid connection between the camera and other devices. The miniCAM5S hardware supports on-camera guiding with 12-bit image output (QHY5L-II supports 12-bit image output but the on-camera Guide Port does not support 12-bit mode due to multiplexing the lower 4 bits on the data bus).

All miniCAM5S models have full anti-moisture protection, utilizing a built-in heater board to prevent moisture on the CMOS chamber window, as well as a silica gel tube to dry the CMOS chamber when necessary.

This is a dedicated, cooled camera with high QE. It is offered in both color and monochrome versions. If you are looking for an affordable, cooled camera, the miniCAM5S is an excellent choice!

Size and B.F.L
QE Curve
Guide Port Pin Sequence
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miniCAM5S Spec.

CMOS Sensor
Typical 1/3 inch
Effective Pixel
1280 x 960
Pixel Size
3.75um x 3.75um
Readout Type
Progressive Scan
Electronic rolling shutter
Exposure Time
10us - 1800 sec
Max Speed
1280 x 960, 30FPS; 640 x 480, 106FPS
Pixel Binning
1x1, 2x2
Peak QE
Mono>74%    Color 62%@540nm
AD convert
Readout clock
Readout Noise
High Gain 2e-  Medium Gain 4e-  Low Gain 7e-
Full Well
Mechanical interface
M42/1.25-inch T ring /C mount
Optic glass window
Mono: AR+AR Clear glass
Color: IR cut glass
Silicon gel socket
Two-stage TEC
Max Cooling Temperature
-40C below ambient typical
Weight(Camera only)
Power Consumption
50% Cooling Power 10.7 Watt
Guider Interface
5-pin lemo style industry socket (*Note)
USB2.0 Interface
Price (not include tax)
Note: The camera comes with a 5pin lemo to 6pin RJ11 guide cable
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