Author Topic: QHY 5L II and Mak127  (Read 890 times)


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QHY 5L II and Mak127
« on: April 20, 2013, 03:08:33 AM »
I'm new to this forum and I present myself.
I'm 63 yo from Italy and start with astronomy 1 year ago only. Till now I observed with a Celestron NexStar SLT 127 Mak. Now I am interested in the astrophoto using a CCD or CMAS camera. One of the cameras I am considering is the QHY 5L II. I saw several good pictures with this camera in this forum and in other forum even if they are taken with bigger telescope than mine (9.25 or 11" instead of my 5").
In order to have an idea of what I could obtain from this camera, is there any people which use this camera with the Mak127? If yes, please, post some photos or address me to the right part of the forum.
Thank you very much for the cooperation.


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Re: QHY 5L II and Mak127
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 11:53:28 AM »
One of my friends recently got a QHY5L-II-C to use it with his SW MAK127. He made only a "first light" image till now, you can see it below.
It made in prime focus and due this the resolution is quite low, but it can be noticeably improved by 2x barlow lens.
Also in this topic you can find some lunar and Jupiter images made with 5'' (125 mm) scope. Not MAK127 but comparable aperture diameter.