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CCD Camera / Re: QHY8Pro - Bad Pixel Column
« Last post by VegasSky on Today at 09:16:38 PM »
I appreciate the response and agree that it is probably going to require a sensor replacement.  How would I go about starting a repair ticket, and do you have an estimated cost to replace the sensor?

Thanks in advance.

CCD Camera / Re: QHY22 Backfocus
« Last post by phils67 on Today at 07:47:03 PM »
I recently set up my QHY22 on my new f/4 Newtonian with a Baader MPCC and discovered that the diagram on the QHY22 manual does not give a valid number for the imaging plane to front flange distance. If you look at the photo of the camera on the index page of the manual, you'll see that the camera has a tapered flange that's designed to firmly attach to the QHY filter wheel. The imaging chip back focus shown in the diagram (chapter 8) of the manual gives dimensions for a shallow front attachment plate that has a female T thread.

I would be very good of QHY to publish two back focus numbers. One from the top (widest point) of the tapered flange, the other from the base (narrowest point) of the tapered flange. This will be valuable information for QHY22 owners using either attachment point for the next item in the imaging train.

CCD Camera / Re: QHY5L-II color camera has constant problems
« Last post by Neilson on Today at 03:33:41 PM »
    I tried that driver once but I will give it another try. Thanks for the help and the information.

Hi All,
 I'm new to the forum. I'm making decision to buy OSC cooled CCD and nailed down to QHY10 and QHY12.

 I will be using for C8 Hyperstar, 90mm f/7 Refractor and C8(Edge) f/7 with 0.7x reducer. I'm leaning toward QHY12 because of number of pixel.

 I believe both camera is very similar and difference is pixel size - QHY10 has 40% more pixel area size than QHY12. So it will have bigger full well capacity and good S/N. Spec shows slightly different QE 60% for 10 and 55% for 12 at the peak.

 Is there any other difference between QHY10 and QHY12?

 I'm also interested in stability of center and tilt adjustment adapter. Looks like it is easy to adjust even camera is mounted. So if it is stable enough, I like the idea to use it.

 Is it stable enough to hold QHY10/12 weight?

Thank you for your opinion.

CCD Camera / Re: QHY5L-II color camera has constant problems
« Last post by QiuHY on Today at 11:53:49 AM »
       Yes in Interguider and IC8300 which can connect QHY5L-II directly. It based on ARM structure and we also put our bad frame filter function in the drivers. I am not sure if a native WIFI-hub support such a function because I have not try these production before.

        The only thing you can try is that use the high compatility driver of QHY5L-II to see if can be ok in it. The high compability driver is using 512byte bulk buffer instead of 1024byte bulk buffer. Maybe some wifi usb hub does not support 1024byte bulk buffer because it sometimes exceed the USB2.0 standard.

Best regards,
Astronomy equipment Discussion board / Re: APS-C mono chipped camera
« Last post by QiuHY on Today at 11:48:38 AM »

          Recently we are design a mono camera using KAF16050 ccd sensor, APS sized.

Best regards,
Astronomy equipment Discussion board / APS-C mono chipped camera
« Last post by gordonewen on Today at 09:55:33 AM »
Hello QHY, I have a colour QHY10 which I am very happy with, especially for Hyperstar use. However, I would love a mono version; do you have any plans for such a camera?
Technology Question and Answer / Re: Taking DSO qhy5-11
« Last post by Wagner Trindade on Today at 03:08:34 AM »
I believe it's worth to take a look at this topic:

There are some very good shots using QHY5L-II camera. So, it is possible to use this camera for DSO. It is also explained in the topic about the software used and something about the technique.
Software Release and Development / Re: Ascom driver with IMG0H Gain issue
« Last post by luotong on October 19, 2014, 10:24:57 PM »
Hi, I can confirm that yesterday I had the some problem.I tested my a new Alccd5L-IIm and
when I changed gain in ascom driver, nothing happened. So I couldn't change level of bright of star,
because there is not possibility to change exposition. Please, knows somebody what to do?
I use oag and sometime if I have very bright star, is necessary to put down level for correct guiding.
Thanks a lot.


I also tried QHY5LII with PHD and MaxIm by using ASCOM driver.   
In MaxIm DL, I can see the Minimum and Maximum value (in Stretch window)changed when changing the gain.
In PHD, I can see the brightness on the preview image change when I setted the gain value 22 and 42. (The attachments are this two images)

So, make sure the driver is the latest version in the download page of QHYCCD.

best regards
Software Release and Development / Re: Ascom driver with IMG0H Gain issue
« Last post by luotong on October 19, 2014, 10:12:27 PM »
Hi to all, when i use PHD or other software with my IMG0H by using ASCOM driver, when i want to change GAIN value it doesn't change anything about brightness on the preview image, the ascom driver show me, when i recall it, that the gain is changed to my value, but in the preview nothing about brightness, ADU and histograms value has changed.
This is very a big issue cause in PHD guiding whitout using ascom i can't use ST4 to guide my cgem, and by using Aff Axis Guider the focal lenght is so long and the stars aren't so bright so i need to get the higher value as possible to find the guide star!
I use ASCOM v2 for IMG0H, the version in the download page of the driver in QHY page, please help me with this issue, i get the same brightness also if i put 0 value in the gain slider of my ascom!
Tried to unistall then install wdm, IMG0H driver, ASCOM IMG0H driver and also the ASCOM Platform, but nothing happened!
I've got also ASCOM Platform 61SP1, best regars to you firends and i hope you will help me!


I had tried PHD and MaxIm DL with IMG0H by using ASCOM driver.  And found the GAIN value can be set and work.
There are two attached images that using PHD, They were only different with the Gain value. One is 30, another is 50.  And you can see the brightness on the preview image changed obviously.
And in MaxIm DL, When I changed the gain vlaue, I can see the Minimum and Maximum value changed obviously in the Screen Stretch window. That means the gain changing worked.

I doubt that maybe the PHD software do the stretch automatically, So that the brightness one the preview image you saw seems not change when the value changed not bigger enough.

best regards.
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