Pelican Nebula with QHY163M

Pelican Nebula with QHY163M
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:04:35 pm »
IC 5070, or the Pelican nebula, sits right next to the North America nebula.  I can make out the shape of North America in the latter, but I still don't quite see a pelican.  Oh, well.  It is still quite pretty.

A combination of 2 minute and 1 minute exposures for a total of 34 minutes.  Something funny was going on with my guiding, so I had to toss a lot of frames.  Thankfully this is a pretty bright target in H-alpha and the 163M has nice sensitivity.

Imaging with WO GTF81, QHY163M, QHYCFW2-M-US, and Baader 36mm 7nm H-alpha filter
Guiding with WO MG50 and QHY5II-M
Celestron Advanced VX
Ekos on Rock64