QHY Medium ColdMOS power draw

QHY Medium ColdMOS power draw
« on: June 14, 2018, 02:11:38 pm »

I am calculating if I can use a power system to power all my devices from one supply but need to know how much amperage the QHY247C (or any of the medium ColdMOS would be similar I think). Not what the power supply is capable of, but in actual  practice what is the average and max amps the camera will draw? Thanks!


Re: QHY Medium ColdMOS power draw
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I test QHY247C.

When you connect to computer with cooling,  USB : 5.13V  0.34A . Power cable: 12V  2.8A, when cooling to the lowest temperature, it is 2.56A.

And If camera works without cooling, USB: 5.13V   0.13A, Power cable: 12V  0.345A.

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