frustrating experience OAG-M and QHY168C

frustrating experience OAG-M and QHY168C
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:53:22 am »
who at QHY in their right mind thinks the documentation for their OAG and whats inc'd in the box is anywhere near decent enough! 

the OAG -M  is a confusing muddle of rings and screws and a set of instructions that are meaningless!!! and how as most backfocus requirements are 55mm does any of the parts supplied make sense

I read at least  a few threads on Cloudy Nights that suggest the config on the QHY site won't even focus the guide cam - I am using an ASI174MM-mini with 8.5mm back focus but cannot find any information on what the spacers should be in standard config and what backspace that gives. The diagram shows you can add spacers but a spacer kit has 6 pieces of varying sizes - and the supplied screws barely fit even one set of adapters.

I am really annoyed by this OAG - while the camera is supposedly nice getting it anywhere near connected to my focal reducers is driving me insane

 The focal reducer is a SFFR70 or the SFFR102 depending what scope is in use


I have a QHY OAG -M and the 168C - guide cam is either an ASI 174mm-mini or QHY5ii-l mono

I get that I need an extension between the SFFR and the OAG - but how far does the OAG sit off the front face of the adapter on the QHY168?

there is a bunch of rings and a bag of screws and the manual has so much information missing its not funny

I am starting to wish I had gone with the ASI071 when I had a chance but went with the QHY due to the supposed better quality of OAG .. pffffff


a) not sure what I need to bring the OAG off the face of the camera far enough

b) what diameter / thread adapter to select so I can do so!

c) what then is added to the front of the OAG to connect to the SFFR70

d) where are the screws to fit the spacers correctly !

 this is lego not astronomy and it ain't funny!

why does QHY not get someone who can write English to write the manuals - urgh - please this is an awful experience

At a loss just now what to bolt to what and even if I have the right parts which I am sure I don't - how can the supplied screws attach even the spacers in the kit they are too small for another that requires a spacer - just really poorly put together

I really didnt have this issue with the ASI1600 and OAG!!!!


Re: frustrating experience OAG-M and QHY168C
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I have gotten your problem, I will reply you after I sort out all the answer.

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These spacers are made for matching with our product. There are so many different backfocus requirment, we cannot design for all the backfocus. So design the spacers for different bakcfocus.

For your suggestion,we accept and we will write a manual for the spacers and complement the oag information.

Please see table in the bottom of the webpage that include different connection for medium coldmos series:http://www.qhyccd.com/QHY168.html

a) The minimum focus distance from the image surface of imaging sensor to the bottom of OAG-M should be 49.5mm.But this is tested with QHY5L-II-CS MOUNT whose backfocus is 12.5mm.

b) By the table and screenshot, you can calculate the minimum thickness of the set of the sapcers is 49.5-18-6=25.5mm, so you need the part with item number:020087 and  020088.  020087 include 5 parts,the thickness is resprctively 0.5,1,2,3,7mm. 020088 thickness is 14mm, so you can use 0.5,1,3,7,14mm.

c) "This reducer/flattener has a standard 48 mm filter thread. Standard 2" filters can be added to the reducer flattener when imaging. The backfocus of the unit is 55 mm with the included 11 mm extension tube. Remove this tube and the backfocus increases to 66 mm. "
The oag-m is 10+3=13mm thickness,13+49.5=62.5.so you should remove the extension tube and the backfocus is 66m, the left space is 3.5mm.

d) If you want to match your current set of equipment,the length of the M3 COUNTERSUNK SCREWS is 25.5+13+3=41.5 to 25.5+13+6=44.5 mm. And we can send you the screws you need. You can tell me your detailed address and email.

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the easier option is a centre angle ring that is 42mm

or a plate to go from 54mm to 42mm which screws to the supplied ring

I can then add an extension tube

I asked if I can order the centre ring with 42mm but seems this is not compatible

So can I find a M42 ring that fits the M53 centre angle ring ???  So then I can use M42 extension tubes


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There is an adapter  M54(male) TO M42(female)    ,its item number is 020018, but its thickness in the backfocus orientation is only 4.3mm.

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These data are very well suited to the needs I am looking for.