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Mechanical Q&A / Re: Power adapter failure
« Last post by pfassler on Today at 12:20:40 pm »
Dear Yang

I bought it directly from you QHY. I did not buy from any dealership.  Actually you sent it to me directly as I bought it from your company.

Mechanical Q&A / Re: QHY 16200A CFW7 - Installing filters
« Last post by deepsky2002ca on Today at 12:09:14 pm »
Hi there,
I still have not received any PM or email that confirms that the washers have been sent.  Is it possible I missed the email in spam?

Can you confirm they are in the mail now?
    I will check this issue,and try to solve it.But I don't have Orion Starshoot Pro,whether I can use other camera replace it?Did you test this issue by using other camera?
Best Regards,
    So strange,I can find PoleMaster on your machine,normally,it can be found by software.Can I remote control your machine?If could,you can install a TeamViewer and send its ID and password to me.
Best Regards,
wow that nice


I own and use both the QHY5L-II and Orion Starshoot Pro guide cameras.

PHD2 normally works perfectly well with both cameras. However, if there is a USB disconnection, PHD2 will suffer continual disconnections and reconnections. The only solution appears to be to completely shut down PHD2 and restart the application when this occurs.

The PHD2 team was able to easily reproduce the problem and said it is most probably an ASCOM driver issue. See Andy Galasso's response at the following this link: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/open-phd-guiding/kfWXU91Eb3A.  He says: "When PHD2 is restarted, the ASCOM driver is re-instantiated.  In theory, disconnecting and reconnecting the ASCOM camera device in PHD2 should also re-instantiate the ASCOM driver, but there's something about the ASCOM driver that is not resetting."

The exact test/symptoms are as follows:

1.Connect camera directly to the laptop using a high-quality USB cable.

2.Start PHD2, connect to the camera using the relevant ASCOM driver, start looping - ALL OK

3.Use PHD2 menus to stop looping, disconnect from camera, reconnect, and restart looping - ALL  OK.

4.Use PHD2 menus to stop looping and disconnect from camera. Keep PHD2 application running.  Disconnect the USB cable from the laptop, reconnect after a while, use PHD2 menus to reconnect to the camera and restart - DISASTER - PHD2 SUFFERS CONTINUAL DISCONNECTIONS (AFTER THE DEFAULT 15 SECONDS) AND RECONNECTIONS.

5.Do exactly the same test as for Step 4, but shutdown PHD2 after disconnecting the cable, then reconnect - ALL OK AGAIN.

I have conducted these tests with ASCOM 6.3 and 6.4, with the same results. Test were also conducted with several different USB cables.

So it appears to be an issue with both the QHY5L and Starshoot Pro drivers.  Do you agree? Are you able to fix?

Mechanical Q&A / Re: Power adapter failure
« Last post by QHYCCD-LQY on July 17, 2018, 10:22:50 pm »

Which dealership did you buy it from?

Astronomy equipment Discussion board / Re: Polemaster App on Google Play store
« Last post by ZY on July 17, 2018, 10:07:43 pm »

For the polemaster APP , the reason that you can not use it may be the compatible problem  for different brand mobiles. We are trying to fix the bug now.

Best Regards!

I tried to use it on a Samsung Note 2014 edition and it keeps crashing through out the process, and you have to reboot the tablet. I also tried it on a Nexus 6p and it won't even launch without crashing. Great idea but piss poor execution. Been 7 months and it is still not usable.
Astronomy equipment Discussion board / Re: Polemaster on Harmonic Drive Mount
« Last post by ZY on July 17, 2018, 10:06:06 pm »

For the polemaster APP , the reason that you can not use it may be the compatible problem  for different brand mobiles. We are trying to fix the bug now.

Best Regards!

I built myself a ultra portable telescope/camera mount using a couple harmonic drives, geared stepper motors and an Arduino running Onstep. I mounted a Pole Master to the end of it and it sure makes polar alignment a breeze.
ITs to bad the Android version of the software does not work. I control the mount via Bluetooth with my Samsung tablet using Sky safari. It would be nice if I didn't have to drag a laptop with me for the Pole Master. Maybe one day they will invest some time and money into it. I think it would drive sales if it worked.
Astronomy equipment Discussion board / Re: Update Check
« Last post by QinXiaoXu on July 17, 2018, 10:00:01 pm »
    Did you install the newest version after July 12?And does the software become crash after it run a while?
Best Regards,
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