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SDK Update History
There are many software using the QHYCCD SDK to connect the QHY Camera. When the SDK updated, the software maybe not get updated. You can download this file and copy it to the software folder and replace the old more to get your software has the lastest features of QHYCCD.

Update Method
You can update the qhyccd.dll by replacement the original qhyccd.dll in the application software folder:

SharpCAP. You can replace the 32bit qhyccd.dll in the sharcap folder.
EZCAP_QT. You can replace the 32bit qhyccd.dll in EZCAP_QT folder.
ASCOM. Since the old ascom camera driver installation put the QHYCCD.DLL to the windows/SysWow64 or windows/system32. And the recently ascom camera driver put the QHYCCD.DLL into the programe(x86)/common/ascom/camera.  We recommand to delete the QHYCCD in windows/SysWow64 or windows/system32 and put the new QHYCCD.DLL to the programe(x86)/common/ascom/camera folder.
FireCapture. You can replace the 64bit qhyccd.dll in FireCapture 64bit folder  or 32bit qhyccd.dll in FireCapture 32bit folder.
Genika. Only 64bit Genika is under maintain and support QHYCCD. You can find the Genika in Programme and find the 64bit Genika folder.And replace the qhyccd.dll with the 64bit qhyccd_x64.dll (delete qhyccd.dll, rename the qhyccd_x64.dll to qhyccd.dll)

Version Record   The red is the important bug fix.

V2015.03  WINDOWS X86

V2015.05.21.1 WINDOWS X86_X64
Update Record: 1.Fixed the QHY290 high thermal noise in long exposure bug  2.Make the QHY290 and QHY5III290 gain/offset adjustment more smooth,avoid the screen flash happen. Change the gain range to 0-729.  3.Improved the QHY163 Single Frame Capture Mode (For ascom etc) ROI download speed.  4. Change the gain range of QHY163 from 0-58 to 0-580 to get more smooth adjustment.  5.Add the GetQHYCCDSDKVersion function to get the SDK year,month,day,subday version.

V2015.05.24.0 WINDOWS X86_X64
Update Record: 1.Fixed the QHY168C Color Balance Problem (No much red color)   2.Add the hardware ROI for QHY168C in single capture mode (eg.ASCOM) to accelate the subframe transfer like the focus etc). 3.Fixed the QHY168C image occasionally shift issue.  4.fixed QHY163 hardware ROI bottom black lines in V2015.05.22.0. 5.Fixed the DDRlogger issue in V2015.05.22.1. 5.Fixed the overscan mode software quite after image download. 6.Please note in this version the bayer sequece is X=0 Y=0 in maxium. 6. Image size is set to 5040,3358 in normal mode to avoid the 16pixel white board in right side and 4952,3288 in overscan removed mode.
An known bug is in this version.1. For QHY168C, if switch from a smaller range to a bigger range subframe in ASCOM. The first frame captured has some exposure problem. The second frame and later will become good. This bug only effect the single capture mode. The video streaming mode like the SharCAP is no this bug.

V2015.05.27.0 WINDOWS X86_X64
update record:1.Fixed the first image issue of QHY168C ROI in ASCOM.

V2015.05.28.0 WINDOWS X86_X64
update record:1.Fixed the RBI issue of the first image of QHY168C. 2.Fixed the QHY247C image occasionally shift issue.

V2015.05.29.0 WINDOWS X86_X64
update record:1.Add the support for QHY128C Camera. 2. Limit the QHY168C and QHY247C offset to 0-30. (Too high offset will cause the background blue). 3.QHY163 USB Traffic is fixed to zero forever for single capture mode. The video streaming mode's USB Traffic still has function.
An known bug in this version: QHY178M/C single image capture is failur in this version. You need to use the V201703 if you are using the QHY178M/C