QHY10 - 10.0mega pixel cooled aps-c color ccd camera

QHY10 is a APS-C size cooled one shot CCD camera with SONY's ICX493AQA Sensor. It has 10 mega pixel and the pixel size is 6.05*6.05um.

Beside the very low thermal noise of Sony's SuperHAD technology, this sensor has a high fullwell feature. Even in a 6.05um square pixel, it has 45ke fullwell. Which is almost double than the ICX413 with 7.8um square pixel and almost double than the color 8300 sensors with 5.4um square pixel. The big fullwell has the advantage of higher dynamic range. It brings better colors and smaller star point. You can make a longer exposure time without signal saturated.

QHY10 is a dedicate cooled CCD camera by using two stage TEC. It can get -40C delta T below ambient. Combine with QHYCCD cooling technology and SONY SuperHAD technology QHY10 give you a clean and low noise image even in a very long exposure.

QHY10 comes with a clip for USB and power cables. It makes the connection solid and avoid the contact/loss conditions.

QHYCCD did a price adjustment for QHY10 at the beginning of 2014.To compare with the KAF8300C camera, QHY10 has bigger sensor size, bigger pixel size, more pixels, bigger fullwell,  lower thermal noise and readout noise, compact camera size. It has electric shutter and 2-stage TEC. Why color 8300?  Don't hesitate get a affordable price of QHY10 right now.

Reference Article:  Some technology discuss about QHY10's Review

Note: QHYCCD change this spec from (43-45) to (40-43) since 2014.1. with QHY10 price adjustment.
Flying Monsters of Scorpius
Capture with QHY10 by Dr.Yuriy Toropin, Moscow,Russia, email address: yuriy.toropin@gmail.com
M81 M82 hidden behind Integrated Flux Nebula
Capture with QHY10 by Dr.Yuriy Toropin, Moscow, Russia, email address: yuriy.toropin@gmail.com
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QHY10 Specification
CCD Sensor
Total pixel
3964 x 2712
Active pixels
3900 x 2616
Pixel Size
6.05um x 6.05um square
Color method
Readout noise
8-10 e-   @600 Kpixel/s
System Gain
Support Binning
Download speed
18sec/4sec for full image
Preview speed
1sec for 4*4binning image
Typical -40 below Ambient
Low Power consumption
13Watte @ 50% TEC power
Ultra small size suitable for primary focus imaging and Hyperstar
CUSTOM Aadpters for QHY10
QHYCCD recommends our partner, PreciseParts for ordering custom-made adapters for QHY10 and other cameras.