Dear user,

    Due to Microsoft's driver signing changes in Windows 10, our legally signed driver programs cannot be installed on some PC with Win10 OS for failing to be verified. For example, some computers with Win10 OS whose version is newer than 1607 will be affected.

    When you run into this problem, to make your camera work properly on your PC, you can follow the instructions below to solve this problem.

    The camera works now using these two steps:

    1) Disable the secure boot in BIOS

    and 2) Disable driver signature in Windows10

    We'll use the EV code signing certificate as soon as possible.

November 11th, 2017
The announcement of Microsoft is as follows: 
    The announcement

Word document to see the details:

    Driver Signing changes in Windows 10.doc
    Microsoft on win10-1607 version signature change notice.Doc

   DriverSigning changes in windows 10.
   Microsoft on win10-1607 version signature change

driver dowload: Please read the instructions below before downloading. 
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