IC8300 - dual mode standalone/USB cooled camera
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      InterCam 8300 Camera is the world first  open source standalone Astronomy Cooled Deep Sky Camera and world first Camera with fully Internet ConnectionCamera via WIFI. IC8300 is a classic mono camera using the very popular 8.6mega pixel KAF8300 CCD sensor. This sensor has a good QE for deep skyimaging. It has two stage TEC and typical delta T is -45C below ambient.Builtin heating plate and an external drying interfaces, effectively avoid condensation problems at low temperatures .
      In addition to the strong cooling effect, low thermal noise and the low readout noise, IC8300 also builtin a ARM system . you can use it without a computer . WIFI  interface allows wireless control, remote login. The camera also includes two serial ports, a USB host interface, a 4pin filter wheel interface. By appropriate software, you can access the equatorial ,electric focusing, a guiding camera. Achieve a complete imaging system.  IC8300 includes builtin LINUX operating system. QHYCCD provides LINUX version of EZCAP software, INDI drivers. IC8300 global open source developers also provides iAstroHub for IC8300 and other applications. In addition to  stand-alone  mode, IC8300 also provides a common USB camera mode, you can connect with the computer as an ordinary astronomical camer via USB cable.
      QHYCCD provides WINDOWS version of EZCAP software and ASCOM drivers.

IC8300 Developer version Standard Package List
USD2200(QHYCFW2-S colorwheel included)
* ship cost not included
1. IC8300 Camera                      
2. 12V6A AC adapter        
3. Cigar Lighter Cable                 
4. Mini Wireless router     
5. 5 positon 36mm CFW (Not ready.Will ship when it get ready)
6. 4PIN CFW cable (Will ship with CFW together)
7. M42 to 2inch T ring                   
8. USB disk with SDcard reader 
9. microSD card(with standard SD convertor)  
10.Quick start instruction      
11.Silicon gel tube         
12.Silicon gel
13.Specially USB cable with Aviation socket    
14.mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable                           
16.Sepcially RS232 cable with Aviation socket   
17.Professional WaterProof Plastic Box       
18.Factory Testing Report

Premium Package
1.Includes all items in standard package
2.mini 7inch Monitor with standard Tripod connector
3.mini wireless keyboard/controller with backlight (this keyboard includs the Lion battery inside. it may not shipp by air. please quote QHYCCD for the details if you want this. We may remove the Lion battery before delivery)
Note: This Price and Order is for Developer only. We only accept direct order.Please click this link to submit your ticket to order it
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IC8300  won prominent recognition as a Sky & Telescope 2015 Hot Product
Heart Nebula with IC8300 by the Lorand Fenyes, Hungary. See more detail of this image please visit http://www.pleiades.hu/en/galeria/kozmosz2/leiras/oldal078.php

Can this camera run as a normal USB cooled camera?
Yes. This camera support two mode:  Normal Slave USB mode and Standalone Host mode.  Normal Slave USB mode will bypass the Processor in the camera and it will work like a normal USB astronomy camera.

What software can be used in IC8300?
In this time, We have the EZCAP linux version which already installed into the IC8300. You can use remote desktop software to log into the camera to run it remotely. We also finished the INDI driver for IC8300. You can install some Linux astronomy software like the kStar into it.

Camera Software and SDK List
1. System Driver (windows)
2. ASCOM Driver (windows)
3. EZCAP (windows)
4. LINUX Driver (inside the linux system)
5. EZCAP (linux)
6. Camera hardware API (linux)
7. INDI driver (linux)
8. LINUX img file (with deskop)
9. LINUX Camera Remote Control Web Server (under developing)
10. Android/IOS Control APP (under developing)
IC8300 Specification
CCD Sensor
KAF8300 Mono
Effective Pixels
Pixel Size
Imager Size
17.96mm*13.52mm 4/3inch
Readout Noise
Typical 9e-
2 stage
Typical -45, Max -50C below Ambient
Butterfly Mechanical Shutter with Uniform illumination
CCD window heater
Fully Airproof CCD chamber
Yes. With silicon gel tube socket
The Gears of Hungry Astronomy Photographer Lorand Fenyes

This picture shows us some products :IC8300、QHY5L-II、CFW2-S、QHY filters   Note: The USD2200 package does not includes QHY5L-II and filters 
A Very faint Object SH2-132 with IC8300 capture by the Lorand Fenyes, Hungary. More details  at  http://www.pleiades.hu/galeria/kozmosz2/leiras/oldal084.php
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