In order to make better custom service. We now use the help ticket system to process the order and the technology quesiton, repair service etc. This way is more better than use email.

There is five department of the ticket system.Please select the correct department

Personal order: Accept directly order from non-dealer area or beta tester user or low profit production that no dealer to do
Dealer order:  Only for dealers
Issue diagnosis: If you meet some technology problem or camera meet some problem, please ask us here technology inquirement before order:
If you have any question before you order camera, please ask us here
Repair department:If your camera has send back to repair. The help ticket will go to this department. And you and discuss with our repair department for better service. Sometimes we will ask some details to make sure that we know the problem well.
Please click this link to submit your ticket.

New Ticket System

Old Ticket System( Limit to 2017-01-20 )

We will process the ticket in weekdays. In weekend or vacations we may not process the ticket at that time.

Please pay attention: The ticket system does not support email reply. When you get the email from this ticket system. Please click the link and reply on-line. Don't reply email directly. It will be lost.

After the whole ticket solved.Please close the ticket.
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Obtain SDKs

We support VC++ SDK and ASCOM Plug-in unit,So you can use SDK to work with BC++,LabView,C#,VB or other program languages.If you have any questions about SDK,you can contact our programer: