QHYCCD PoleMaster with AZEQ6/NEQ6/EQ8/AZEQ5/HEQ5/iOptron/AVX/Takahashi/CGEM/SXD/SXD2/SXW/SXP and MESU adapter is now available.Supports both northern and southern hemispheres. Retail price USD269(not include adapter). Adapter is 30 to 50USD
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QHYCCD Astronomy CCD/CMOS Camera
World-leading astronomical cameras, ranging from entry-level to professional, from CMOS to CCD, specially crafted for amateur astronomers worldwide.
QHY5III Series High speed low readout noise cameras are avalible in stock.Inlcudes five models QHY5III174M/C QHY5III178M/C QHY5III290M/C QHY5III224C QHY5III185C

QHY16200A in stock. with OAG-M and priced USD3999 for class 2 sensor.  QHY16200A-CFW7 with build-in seven poisition colorwheel USD4399

QHY APS-C Size and Full Frame Size Cooled CMOS Camera Start from USD1199
LDN1622 - Bogeyman Nebula by Metteo Collina. With QHY90A Camera and Optolong filters, FSQ106 telescope Avalon M-Uno mount in the Avalon Merlino remote observatory.
Large Magellanic Cloud by Jason Lin with QHY16200A and 70SA telescope. Download Original Size Image (14MB)
Orion Panorama an image/composition of the three popular targets of Orion including M78, Horsehead and M42. By Terry Hancock with his beta test QHY367C 36mp full size cooled CMOS Camera.(Click image to see big image)
Two High-End Full Frame COLDMOS Cameras
True RAW Image Output, Zero Amplifier glow, Ansome 14STOPs Dynamic Range, 14BIT ADC. Anti-Dew Design. 128MB on-camera DDR buffer.
QHY367C 36mega pixels full frame size COLDMOS Camera. 3.2-2.0e readout noise,58ke- fullwell and more great features. USD4399
QHY128C 24mega pixels full frame size COLDMOS Camera. 4.0-1.8e readout noise,74ke- fullwell and more great features.  USD3499.  Promotion Price USD2999 place order before 2017.12.31.
Blue Horse Head Nebula Capture by Frank by using the IMX071 based APSC-C cooled color CMOS QHY168C and AT65EDQ telescope. 4Panel Mosaic. QHY168C is QHYCCD new COLDMOS production. It has 14bit ADC and 3e low readout noise. QHYCCD unique low thermal noise design.